Big-City Newspaper Backs Farm Bill

December 6, 2007

We were wrong: Not all big-city newspapers oppose the farm bill.

In a stunning about-face, the editorial board at The Boston Globe urged lawmakers this week to quickly pass the stalled farm bill because of its vital nutrition programs.

“Congress should pass the Farm Bill,” the newspaper wrote. “The House has passed a version, but the Senate bill is stuck. That keeps food stamps trapped in a time warp where they provide too little help to manage today’s food costs.”

It seems The Boston Globe has finally recognized that the farm bill benefits the entire nation, even if the newspaper is still not keen about the safety net provided in the farm bill to help family farmers weather difficult times.

“Both the House and Senate farm bills would update [food stamp] benefit amounts. And the bills would increase funding for the Emergency Food Assistance Program, a federal program that buys food and gives it to states to distribute through food banks,” read the editorial.

“But more food will flow only if the bill becomes law,” it concluded. “[I]f lawmakers settle for an extension of current law, families will struggle.”

See the editorial.