Farmers to Senate: Bury Brown Amendment

December 12, 2007

Washington (Dec. 12, 2007)—Groups representing farmers from coast to coast sent a letter to every Senator this morning asking them to “protect what it has taken 25 years to build” and to vote against the crop insurance amendment proposed by Senators Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), John Sununu (R- N.H.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

“The Senate Agriculture Committee has already carefully considered the crop insurance program and adopted manageable changes that reduce costs and improve efficiency while capturing nearly $4 billion in savings to fund other farm bill priorities,” the groups wrote.

The current public-private crop insurance program has successfully brought policies to a wide range of farmers across the country, especially small, beginning, and limited-resource farmers, the letter contends.

“Furthermore, the crop insurance program helps farmers have the confidence to more effectively market their crops through the futures market where they can capture higher prices and increase their annual income,” the letter concludes.

And the current crop insurance program is apparently very popular in rural America considering the letter opposing the Brown-Sununu-McCaskill amendment was signed by groups representing soybean, corn, cotton, wheat, rice, sugar, peanuts, barley, and other commodities.

The Brown-Sununu-McCaskill amendment would essentially eliminate the crop insurance program. The amendment is expected to come up for a vote on Thursday.

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