Congress Backed Farm Bill to the End

May 25, 2008

The farm bill has endured some rough obstacles in its venture to become law.  Thankfully, many congressional members backed the farm bill to the very end.  Farm Policy Facts would like to highlight some of their statements in support of the farm bill.

“This is good legislation. It is good for the country and certainly good for my State but also fair to the taxpayers of this country because it is paid for, and it represents the most dramatic reform since the 1949 act itself. That is a fact.” (Sen. Kent Conrad. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4214-S4215). Read more.

“What price is too high for a safety net that keeps farmers, such as those in Minnesota, farming, despite all the uncertainty that allows the agricultural economic engine to continue generating trillions of dollars? … [T]his is a fiscally responsible piece of legislation that delivers big bang for the buck.” (Sen. Norm Coleman. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4215-S4216). Read more.

“We have come to a point where I believe we have a good bill that should be supported by all Members of this Congress…We’ve solved a lot of problems in this bill. We have a bill I think that covers all the interests in the country, and we have a bill that we should all be proud to vote for in this House.” (Rep. Collin Peterson. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3801). Read more.

“This farm bill contains solid reforms while addressing a variety of issues including forestry, rural development, renewable energy, nutrition, conservation, research, specialty crops, and livestock and still maintains the safety net necessary to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable domestic food supply. This farm bill is a good work product, and I am proud of the work we have done… I support the farm bill because I believe American agriculture is vital to our national security, health and way of life…” (Rep. Bob Goodlatte. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3801-H3802). Read more.

Now, a lot of people don’t realize that the farm bill isn’t just about farmers…[T]his bill will be a lifeline for food banks and other emergency food providers, which have struggled with rising food prices and the downturn in the economy…” (Sen. Patty Murray. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4220). Read more.

“This farm bill is important for a lot of reasons…it does preserve a strong safety net. It does provide a permanent disaster title, which is something many of us have sought to achieve for some time, and fought long and hard for.” (Sen. John Thune. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4219). Read more.

“The farm bill will provide a safety net for farmers and increase conservation efforts so that we can protect the land for future generations.  Everybody, every man, woman, and child, has a vested interest in the farm bill. We have access to the most plentiful, safest, least expensive food in the world…” (Rep. Leonard Boswell. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3805). Read more.

“I want a strong agricultural economy in this country. I want a strong, homegrown source of safe, affordable, and abundant food and fiber.  I believe this farm bill will strengthen our farm economy…” (Sen. Max Baucus. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4216-S4217). Read more.

“[T[here are a lot of important changes in this bill, and there is a lot that is good for rural America, and the safety net is vital for farmers.” (Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Congressional Record. 5/15/08. p. S4220-S4222). Read more.

“[T]his bill is a victory for farmers, a victory for communities, a victory for rural America.” (Rep. Mike McIntyre. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3804). Read more.

Congress, rural America salutes your commitment to maintaining the most affordable, abundant, safest food supply in the world.