Don’t Mess With Texas Farmers

May 14, 2008

WASHINGTON (May 14, 2008) — A coalition of Texas-based businesses and farmers are united with a clear message to Congress: support the farm bill.

A letter to Members of Congress from the Southwest Council of Agribusiness, representing non-profit agricultural organizations, agribusinesses and financial institutions, urged support for the farm bill that is expected to reach a vote in the House of Representatives as early as today.

“We strongly urge your support of this incredibly important piece of legislation…The 2008 Farm Bill builds upon the successes of the 2002 Farm Bill (a bill authored by former Texas Congressmen Larry Combest and Charlie Stenholm which came in more than $20 Billion under budget while buttressing record growth and investment in the U.S. agricultural economy). It is a fiscally disciplined safety net that will give our farmers some security at a time when the world needs them perhaps more than any other time in recent history. This is a good bill, and a needed one at this time.”

The group also sent a strong message in the face of a veto threat:

“If our Texas President should persist in listening to his advisors over the wiser counsel of his fellow Texas Republicans serving on the Agriculture Committee, Congressman Randy Neugebauer and Congressman Michael Conaway, and does in fact veto the bill, then we would strongly urge you to vote to override.”

With the threat of a Presidential veto looming, farmers from across the country are calling upon their elected officials to support them if a two-thirds veto override vote becomes necessary.