Livestock Title

May 15, 2008

By: Rep. Leonard Boswell (D – Iowa)

Excerpt from Congressional Record May 14, 2008:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this conference report…

As chairman of the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Subcommittee, working with my ranking member over here, Mr. Hayes, we have got the first-ever livestock title. It offers producers much-needed protections and ensures fairness and transparency within the marketplace.

I’m proud of this bipartisan bill. It also has a strong title for the dairy industry. Together we were able to bring producers and processors together on issues that have divided the industry for years. We were able to bring together the National Milk Producers Association and the International Dairy Food Association, with their excellent leadership, to avoid a very controversial issue in the dairy forward pricing program. Also, in the dairy title we ensure our dairy producers have an adequate safety net and our dairy industry continues to thrive.

The farm bill will provide a safety net for farmers and increase conservation efforts so that we can protect the land for future generations.

Everybody, every man, woman, and child, has a vested interest in the farm bill. We have access to the most plentiful, safest, least expensive food in the world…

(Rep. Leonard Boswell. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3805).