Rural Development

May 15, 2008

By: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.)

Excerpt from Congressional Record May 14, 2008:

[T]his bill is a victory for farmers, a victory for communities, a victory for rural America.

As chairman of the Rural Development Subcommittee, I’m pleased that this conference report contains strong rural development title that supports small business, expands access to broadband, and addresses the critical infrastructure backlog at the USDA. I’m very excited that this conference report also authorizes regional development economic commissions across the country to put a Federal focus on jobs and economic development.

At a time when our economy is struggling, the authorization of the Southeast Crescent Authority, or called the Southern Regional Economic Commission in this bill, represents a great opportunity to help our rural communities thrive for generations to come. It will also help small business through the new Rural Entrepreneur and Microenterprise Assistance Program that will provide technical and financial assistance to businesses employing less than ten people, which are the fastest generators of new jobs.

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased that we have an opportunity to move rural America forward and no longer leave it behind with business and economic opportunity, and that’s what this farm bill does. And may Congress follow suit to do the same.

(Rep. Mike McIntyre. Congressional Record. 5/14/08. p. H3804).