The Hand That Feeds U.S. Presents Interactive U.S. Ag Map

August 20, 2012

The Hand That Feeds U.S. (THTFUS) has launched a new, interactive map, featuring facts about each state’s agricultural production and its contribution to the U.S. economy.

The map, located on the group’s website, is yet another step taken by the “educational resource” to inform Americans about the vast reach of our agricultural system (did you know that Pennsylvania ranks first in the production of mushrooms? 443 million pounds per year!) and the importance of the farm families who devote their lives to it.

Click to go to Interactive Map

“Agriculture is a vital part of this nation’s history, as well as its future,” the group wrote in a press release announcing the map’s launch. “Our farmers and ranchers produced $132 billion in exports alone in 2011, and are the life’s blood of one of the few bright spots in our economy today. Use our interactive map…to learn more about each state’s contribution to this thriving economic engine.”

Check out your state here.