Farm Policy Facts Releases List of Top 10 Editorials

March 8, 2013
Farm Policy Facts has released its Top 10 list of agriculture-themed editorials. The list, which was shared via social media (@FPFNews, Facebook) over the past two weeks, includes guest op-eds in that have appeared in major news outlets across the country. 
Authors include Wesley Clark, Miss America Teresa Scanlan, former Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest and others. 
The full list of editorials is as follows:
  1. Hold the Thin Green Line By Protecting Farmers
    By Wesley Clark
    Kansas City Star
  2. Why All Americans Have a Stake In the Success of Our Farmers and Ranchers
    By Miss America Teresa Scanlan
  3. Face of a Giant Agribusiness
    By Noah Hultgren
    Huffington Post
  4. Lessons From 2006 EU Sugar Reform
    By Patrick Chatenay, president, ProSunergy, UK
    The Hill Congress Blog
  5. Agriculture will drive U.S. recovery
    By Larry Combest
    The Oklahoman
  6. U.S. agriculture still warrants public support
    By Tim Lust
    Wichita Eagle
  7. Putting a personal face on our farming crisis
    By Matt Huie
    Dallas Morning News
  8. Living on a Prayer
    By John Thaemert
  9. No better investment than farm safety net
    By Jerry McReynolds
    Wichita Eagle
  10. To support national recovery, support sugar program
    By Kevin Wedgworth
    Palm Beach Post
Members of the coalition include the American Sugar Alliance, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Cotton Council, and USA Rice Federation, National Crop Insurance Services and Southwest Council of Agribusinesses.