Farm Groups Urge Farm Bill Passage; Voice Opposition to Harmful Crop Insurance Amendments

June 13, 2013

Members of the agriculture community applauded the House Committee on Agriculture for moving forward on a five-year farm bill and called for timely action by the full House of Representatives in a letter sent to lawmakers this week.

“Failure to pass a five-year farm bill before the end of September would mean continued uncertainty for farmers, ranchers and their rural communities; it would also mean that American taxpayer would see none of the budget savings achieved,” the letter stated.

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In a separate letter, more than 50 national and regional trade associations representing agribusinsesses expressed their support for crop insurance and opposition to amendments that will limit its effectiveness.

“Crop insurance is different than traditional farm policy and any amendments should be cautiously considered,” the letter stated. “ As with other lines of insurance, crop insurance requires a broad pool of participants to function properly.  Amendments to arbitrarily cap premium support or assign a means test for support will impact the pool of participants nationwide, both in the near term and longer term.”

The organizations noted that insurance products offered through crop insurance are key to food security, allowing farmers and ranchers to secure operating capital from lenders each year and produce food for a growing world population.

“The Farm Bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee strengthens and enhances crop insurance protection.  We urge you and your colleagues to reject amendments that discourage producer participation or undermine private sector delivery,” the letter concluded.

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