Farm Policy Facts Calls On Lawmakers to Reject Additional Harmful Amendments to Farm Bill

June 11, 2014
In addition to the list of harmful amendments FPF circulated earlier today, additional attempts to damage the Farm Bill have surfaced. Farm Policy Facts urges members of Congress to oppose any amendment during the appropriations process that would harm the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) or crop insurance, including:
Royce Amendment to Shift USDA Funding Away from U.S. Food to Foreign Food Purchases
This amendment would shift funding from the Agricultural Marketing Service to a newly authorized and controversial foreign food assistance program – the Local and Regional Purchase program – used to purchase foreign produced commodities for food aid rather than homegrown, American food. The Farm Bill already includes over $1 billion in foreign food aid by purchasing American grown food.
For four years the Congress debated the recently enacted five-year Farm Bill. America’s farmers and ranchers shouldn’t have to face a fifth year of debate over a Farm Bill just passed and signed into law only four months ago.