Farm Policy Facts Urges Lawmakers to Reject Harmful Amendments to Farm Bill

June 11, 2014
Farm Policy Facts urges members of Congress to oppose any amendment during the appropriations process that would harm the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill) or crop insurance, including:
  • The Kind Amendment to Disclose Private Farmer Information
    The Kind Amendment would strip out ALL privacy protections for farmers and ranchers participating in crop insurance, resulting in a total invasion of privacy, the compromise of secure information and inviting identity theft.

  • The DeLauro Amendment Proposing an AGI test on Crop Insurance (which was already rejected by the House during the Farm Bill debate)
    Farmers have already purchased insurance for the crop in the ground. This amendment would break a current contract between private companies and producer customers. Plus, the House rejected the proposed limit as totally unworkable for farm and ranch families.

  • The Blumenauer Amendment Proposing an AGI test on the Commodity Title (which was just lowered in the Farm Bill)
    The AGI level has been lowered three times in the last seven years. USDA is currently working to implement new AGI levels, pay limits and eligibility rules. The same AGI level was offered in the House in 2011 and rejected as totally unworkable for farm and ranch families.

  • Goodlatte Amendment denying funding for blender pumps
    The Farm Bill already addressed this issue, eliminating some funding for blender pumps. This issue should not be reopened to eliminate what little funding remains available.
For four years the Congress debated the recently enacted five-year Farm Bill. America’s farmers and ranchers shouldn’t have to face a fifth year of debate over a Farm Bill just passed and signed into law only four months ago.