EWG Still Using Old Data & Misleading Tactics to Generate Anti-Farmer Headlines

April 27, 2016

Last week, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) sent out a report with this headline: “The Rich Get Richer: 50 Billionaires Got Federal Farm Subsidies.” The piece was meant to draw attention to the “problem” of well-known billionaires and celebrities pocketing farm subsidies.

The only problem is, there isn’t a problem.

Martin Vandepas, the lone person to comment on EWG’s webpage about this report, innocently asked: “Is there any more recent data available? The chart doesn’t show any crop subsidies after 2007. That was 9 years ago.”

To date, Martin’s question has gone unanswered by EWG.

That’s because the inconvenient answer is “no.” Billionaires haven’t received farm payments in a really long time because lawmakers closed that loophole in the 2008 Farm Bill.

So why would EWG try to incite a panic about a problem that was fixed nearly a decade ago? Because it’s part of their propaganda cycle designed to generate false headlines. About every 18 months, EWG publishes a nearly identical report in hopes of stoking anger to gut what’s left of the farm safety net.

In the same spirit of recycled material, Farm Policy Facts has decided to repost the article we published about EWG’s last billionaire report.

EWG’s misleading tactics haven’t changed and neither has our view.

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