Our View: Congress Needs More Ag Committees

At the end of the day, the Agriculture Committees are the workhorses that get it done.

ICYMI: Keep Crop Insurance Affordable and Widely Available

In that single moment, I realized that there are no guarantees and certainly not with farming. We operate at the will of Mother Nature. As a result, we have to do our part to minimize the risk as best as we can, so we can get back on our feet when a disaster strikes.

New Study: Heritage Foundation’s Farm Policy Proposal Would ‘Devastate’ U.S. Farmers & Prove ‘Ineffective’ in Advancing Free Trade in Agriculture

The new report entitled, “The Heritage Foundation’s Farm Policy Proposals: Harmful to U.S. Farmers and Ranchers and Ineffective in Advancing Free Trade,” addresses what the author believes are fundamental flaws in Heritage’s “blueprint” for agricultural policy, which calls for unilaterally eliminating U.S. farm policy.

Promoting Free and Fair Trade

It’s still unclear how things will turn out in the ongoing situation with Mexico’s subsidized sugar industry, or with China’s trade abuses against corn, rice, and wheat. But one thing is for certain: U.S. agriculture wins when it trades, and trade only works if everyone plays by the rules.

Equipment Sales Show Optimism Tied to Policy Promises

Policy experts are hopeful the momentum will continue, especially if Congress makes sound decisions regarding farm policy, which provides a foundation for the rural economy. But, there’s still a long way to go.

Our View: The Short Straw for Farmers Once Again

If the Trump administration’s first major budget plan became law, it most assuredly would harm our farmers, ranchers, and agricultural production.

Rep. Brady: When Farmers Succeed, America Succeeds

I understand how crucial farming and ranching are. I also know that our agricultural producers are facing serious challenges.

Our View: It’s Called a Farm Bill For a Reason

Efforts to keep farmers farming during dark days are why a farm bill exists. We call it a farm bill for a reason. It all starts on the farm.

Digital Clearinghouse Focuses on Power of Ag Exports

All told, farm exports account for $340 billion in economic activity and support more than a million jobs, according to

New Ag Chief Gets First Task to Help Farmers & Ranchers

Just hours after being sworn in as the 31st Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue had his first assignment before him.

Does the Heritage Foundation Hate American Farmers?

We wish the Heritage Foundation and all opponents of farm policy would understand: there is no free market when it comes to agriculture.

Our View: Stick Together & Keep Going

As Winston Churchill once said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” These days, there are plenty of reasons for farmers and ranchers to be anxious and feel like they are going through a similar journey.

Praise for Perdue in Advance of his Confirmation Hearing

Farmers and ranchers have found a champion in Governor Sonny Perdue, the nominee for Secretary of Agriculture.

Farm Advocates Ask Congress to Back Crop Insurance

A group of 59 wildlife, environmental, agricultural and farm credit advocates sent letters to Congress this week asking officials to back crop insurance during budget debates.

EWG’s ‘New’ Database Used For Same, Old Purpose: To Attack Farmers.

It is more of the same as EWG tries to push another false story.

Our View: 649,355 Reasons to Write a New Farm Bill

If we needed a reason for why a strong farm bill must be reauthorized without delay then this week provided one. Actually, this week provided 649,355 reasons.

#ICYMI: Crop insurance helps multi-generational farm weather the ‘perfect storm’

“As we begin negotiations around a new Farm Bill, I for one will be an outspoken advocate for crop insurance. It is not just an ‘insurance policy’ for farmers, but also an ‘insurance policy’ against disruption and financial instability in the food production sector.”

‘A World of Hurt in Farm Country’

“No one saw this large and sustained drop coming,” explained Dr. Joe Outlaw of the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University.

New Year, But Same Outlook for Farm Economy

Americans still enjoy the lowest prices for food and basic necessities of any society due to our continued commitment and investment in sound farm policy.

Our View: The Farmer Must Feed Them All

As we begin 2017 with a new president, a new Congress, and soon a new, confirmed agriculture secretary, as well as an expiring farm bill, we wanted to make certain this message made it to Washington.

2016: A Year in Review with Farm Policy Facts

With a new year on the horizon, Farm Policy Facts is taking a look back at some of the top stories of 2016.

Fact Check: Corporate Farms Vs. Family Farms

Farm policy opponents love to rail against “corporate farms.” These

Our View: “Fake News” is Nothing New for Farmers

Farmers and ranchers have been dealing with “fake farm news” for years – not only from the mainstream media, but also from special interest groups.

Combest: Why Trump needs a strong Agriculture secretary

“A lot of what Washington does is harmful to American agriculture. And, what good it does costs very little” writes former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest.

Rep. Cramer: How Critics of U.S. Farm Policy Have It Wrong

What if we could truly open up foreign markets and create a level playing field for our farmers and ranchers that actually passes the smell test?


Farm Policy Facts is beginning a new series this month on its digital platforms called #FarmerPortraits.

Our View: Hold the Thin Green Line

As the Secretary of Agriculture, during World War II, said time and time again: “Food will win the war and write the peace.” Or, translated for modern-day: “Hold the thin green line.”

Losing Our Farm Families is a Scary Scenario

Halloween is big business these days. But how much of the record-setting revenue will be flowing to the sugar farmers that made the sweet treats possible?

American Agriculture Remains Important Even if Not Discussed During Presidential Debates

There are no food lines. The grocery stores are all stocked. It is our investment in farm policy that enables this phenomenon and highlights how necessary farm policy is to our country.

Our View: EWG Stoops to New Low, Resorts to Pure Fiction in Latest Attack

With crop insurance’s popularity rising in rural America and on Capitol Hill, and with the policy’s budget outlays falling, we’re guessing one of its harshest critics, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), is running out of believable critiques. So now it’s resorted to pure fiction.

Chinese Subsidies Soar, Sales of Their Stockpiles Loom

On September 13, U.S. trade officials announced that the United States was targeting China in an international trade case over the legality of its rice, corn, and wheat subsidies. The U.S. agricultural community cheered, as U.S. negotiators showed a desire to start rooting out the trade-distorting policies that are so manipulating world commodity markets.

Standing Up for America’s Farm & Ranch Families

Our nation’s farm families provide us with the safest, most abundant, most affordable food and fiber supply in the history of the world.  A fact that is so true it has become a cliché.

ICYMI: Nurturing the next generation of farmers

When it comes to farming, it seems the critics always have the easy answer. They portray this line of work as if every day brings blue skies and no worries. The reality is the farming business comes with a fair share of challenges; chief among them is the unpredictability of weather and markets. Anything can and will happen.

The U.S. Files WTO Complaint Against China on Behalf of American Farmers

Thank goodness we have lawmakers and officials in Washington who understand that free markets can’t exist in a world of bad actors. Thank goodness these lawmakers understand that we must not only stand up to these countries, but we must also maintain strong farm policy, in part, as a pragmatic and realistic response to those who refuse to play by the rules.

Todd Van Hoose: A Competitive & Innovative Farm Sector Requires a Sustained Investment

“Agricultural production in this country is the envy of the world. One of the reasons it has been successful is because of the investments we have made in farm policy and crop insurance through the years.”

Our View: Heritage Recycles Old Proposal to Nix Risk Management Tools for Farmers

The Heritage Foundation has long opposed U.S. farmers and ranchers having any kind of meaningful safety net to protect against weather disasters, volatile markets, and predatory trade practices abroad. So, the fact that they published a report suggesting the elimination of farm policy is not new or noteworthy.

Our View: Where Would We Be Without Our Farmers?

Where would we be without our farmers? It’s a question we never want to have to answer.

Brandon Willis: Expanding Coverage for All Producers

As farming and farm products change to meet market needs, crop insurance will continue to adapt and expand to meet the needs of our producers.

Farm Policy (Finally) Gets a Fair Shake from a Major Media Outlet

“We find people who are vital in this country, doing something great, doing something that this country depends upon, who don’t have a voice for political reasons, or political forces organized against them and we go in there and make sure they have a platform for millions of people to hear their voices.”

New Videos Illustrate Support for Farmers & the ‘Dire Consequences’ for Gutting Farm Policy

A pair of videos, released this week from agricultural groups, seeks to educate Americans on the bipartisan support for America’s farmers.

Foreign Subsidy Schemes Sour Markets

India’s massive sugar handouts have kept inefficient producers in business, promoted overproduction, and helped depress global prices, according to a new study.

Our View: A Big Fat Farce Returns

Crop prices are low, which means it’s high time for farm policy critics to trot out one of the most absurd criticisms of farm policy ever used.

New Study Reveals a Shocking Lack of Knowledge about Farm Policy at Farmers’ Expense

A major medical journal with a private vetting process published a study from authors with a clear agenda to attack one part of farm policy by using old data and one title of an even older farm bill to make a dubious association between farm policy and obesity.

Our View: Remembering our Ag Roots on Independence Day

Agriculture continues to be a source of national wealth, an integral part of national security, the foundation of civilized society, and the pride of American families.

ICYMI: Farm Policy, Crop Insurance Wise Investments for All Americans

What I have learned during this time is this: farming is an enormous game of risk management. It’s not if something bad is going to happen, it’s when.

Voluntary, Incentive-Based Conservation is the First Line of Defense Against Burdensome Regulation

Farm Policy Facts is pleased to publish a guest editorial on why the farm bill is critical for growing our food and fiber supply while also protecting our natural resources.

Farming needs strong policy and crop insurance

As farmers, we have no control over weather. We have no control over markets. We have no control over our foreign competitors. We cannot just turn our operations on or off. We have to take care of the land 365 days a year. We need a safety net when commodity prices fall. We need affordable and reliable crop insurance to protect our yearly investments.

ICYMI: In Defense of the Farm Bureau

Earlier this month, Heritage Action CEO, Michael Needham, wrote an op-ed playing their old song that trashes farmers and farm policy that was published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. This time, in an incredible act of duplicity, Needham tried to portray the Arkansas Farm Bureau, a grassroots organization if there ever was one, of being part of “the establishment” in Washington, D.C. Friend of Farm Policy Facts and Former Congressman Larry Combest wrote a response in kind to set the record straight as to who is the real Washington insider.

Our View: With a Depressed Farm Economy, America’s Agricultural Producers Should Be Able to Count on the Farm Safety Net

Farmers like to call themselves the eternal optimists, but these real world conditions that Chairman Conaway and others have described have provided plenty of reasons to keep them up at night. The ability to count on farm policy to get them through a tough year or more shouldn’t be one of them.

New Public Opinion Polls Shows Strong Support for Farmers and Farm Policy

In an election year that has seen sharp divides among candidates and voters on the major issues of the day, there is one policy area that is receiving widespread, bipartisan support: farm policy and crop insurance.

Rep. Costa: Crop Insurance is Vital Component to U.S. Agriculture Industry

Farm Policy Facts is pleased to publish a guest editorial from Rep. Jim Costa on the importance of maintaining a strong safety net for farmers.

EWG Still Using Old Data & Misleading Tactics to Generate Anti-Farmer Headlines

Last week, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) sent out a report with this headline: “The Rich Get Richer: 50 Billionaires Got Federal Farm Subsidies.” The piece was meant to draw attention to the “problem” of well-known billionaires and celebrities pocketing farm subsidies. The only problem is, there isn’t a problem.

For Agriculture, Every Day is Earth Day

On this Earth Day, we are pleased to publish an editorial from the chairmen of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees celebrating the efforts of America’s farmers and ranchers in protecting our natural resources.

New Study Shows the Sweet Truth in Classic Farm Policy Debate

Circulating half-truths and misinformation is how agriculture’s opponents have operated for decades, and they’re not about to let pesky things like facts and expert analysis get in the way.

Krysta Harden: Diversifying Agriculture’s Workforce

Farm Policy Facts is proud to publish a guest editorial from Krysta Harden, the former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

A Wide Array of Voices Rally in Defense of the Farm Bill

It is not every day that there is widespread agreement in our nation’s Capitol, especially when it comes to budget matters. So, it is significant to highlight when such accord is demonstrably on display.

ICYMI: Crop Insurance is Critical for Beginning Farmers

“As Congress and the White House wrestle with their respective budgets in the coming weeks, I hope good sense will prevail and they’ll leave crop insurance and farm policy alone.”

Rep. Lucas: A Tradition of Service and Leadership

Congressman Frank Lucas discusses how Future Farmers of America is growing the next generation of leaders, and how his membership in the local chapter as a young person helped shape and inspire a life of public service.

New Survey Demonstrates Crop Insurance Support Strong Among Farmers

A new survey demonstrates a strong level of support for crop insurance among farmers growing a diverse set of crops across the country, and opposition to any legislative proposals that weaken this important risk management tool.

Shining A Light on Women in Agriculture One Photo at a Time

“Where are the women?” was not an existential question Marji Guyler-Alaniz asked herself one day after leaving her corporate job of 11 years. Rather it was a realization that the imagery – and perhaps even the perception – of the American farmer needed an update.

American Presidents on the Importance of Agriculture

On this President’s Day, Farm Policy Facts combed through a bit of presidential history to find the words and views of some of our past leaders on the importance of American agriculture.

Pulling Back the Curtain on EWG’s Playbook

It is easier to sell fear than facts. This is a concept that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) knows all too well and has built a brand and an empire based on that business model. But, people are catching on to that game.

I Choose American Workers Over Foreign Cheaters

To dismantle U.S. sugar policy without concessions from foreign governments only puts America at a distinct disadvantage. Farm Policy Facts agrees wholeheartedly with Rep. Yoho: we stand with American workers over foreign cheaters.

ICYMI: Kansas Ag Leader Urges Secretary to Designate Cottonseed as an Oilseed

If cotton production leaves our state and local communities, the infrastructure of cotton gins, warehouses and associated businesses will go with it, and history tells us it will not return.

Our View: Nairobi Sets Stage for 2016 Foreign Subsidy Focus

Narobi is a good first step that publicized some of the schemes America’s competitors use to manipulate markets, and it proved that global reforms are possible.

2015: A Year in Review with Farm Policy Facts

From continued attacks on the farm safety net in Washington to a sour farm economy, Farm Policy Facts takes a look at the top agriculture stories of 2015.

Video Aims to Combat Misrepresentations of Farm Policy

The National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) recently released a new educational video to illustrate how Americans benefit from crop insurance and to push back on the tactics of farm policy opponents who try to misrepresent the facts surrounding crop insurance and other important facets of U.S. farm policy.

Pressure Builds for USDA to Act to Help U.S. Cotton Farmers

In the midst of dire economic conditions, U.S. cotton farmers can find encouragement from a growing chorus of support for a proposal to help mitigate their current financial struggles.

Farmers Contend with Sour Farm Economy, Weak Exports and Ag Policy Critics

To be clear, farmers aren’t asking for a headline or a pat on the back. They’re asking for a fair shake when disasters strike and the ability to compete on a global stage. Honestly, it’s the least we can do for the folks who provide the nation with food and fiber.

#ICYMI: Insurance on crops boosts farms of all sizes

Now is the time to protect the one thing beginning farmers and their bankers can count on.

#ICYMI: Crop Insurance Helps Farmers and Ag Lenders Manage Risk

It is a fact that strong farm policy and support for crop insurance goes beyond the farmer, not only benefitting rural America but consumers as well.

Strong Ag Sector is Critical for National Defense

As President George W. Bush once said, “A nation that can feed its people is a nation more secure.” But, the reality is, the more we chip away at the investment in our national food and fiber supply, the more vulnerable we become.

ICYMI: History Demonstrates the Importance of a Farm Safety Net

If my family had kept the farm, I would have been a fourth-generation farmer of a grain operation. But they couldn’t.

Rural America Reminds Lawmakers to Keep Their Promise to Protect Crop Insurance from Cuts in Spending Bill

“It ain’t over till it’s over,” said the great Yogi Berra. He was referring to the New York Mets’ season in 1973, but the sentiment could easily describe the fight to stave off cuts to federal crop insurance this year.

Don’t Keep Farmers Waiting on Tax Certainty

Rather than stack the deck against agriculture, let’s ensure farmers and ranchers have the tools they need to feed the world.

ICYMI: Don’t Squeeze Farmers to Balance the Budget

The United States should stop trying to balance its budget on the backs of farmers. It is bad policy, and there’s no room for further reductions.

Our View: An Attack On One Farmer’s Policy Is An Attack Upon All

The Farm Bill is needed now more than ever, and no thinly veiled plot by anti-farmer forces to pry open the Farm Bill is acceptable. An attack on one farmer’s policy is an attack upon all as far as we are concerned.

ICYMI: ‘Agriculture, as whole, rose up and said enough is enough’

“Agriculture, as a whole, rose up and said enough is enough,” said Steve Verett, the Executive Vice President of the Plains Cotton Growers.

ICYMI: How the budget deal harms farmers, costs jobs and kills crop insurance

As Congress prepares to vote on a budget agreement that includes cuts to a key component of the farm safety net, Larry Combest, the former chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and the Select Committee on Intelligence, makes clear to lawmakers what is at stake if it comes to pass.

Our View: Farmers Deserve Better

Without any consultation with America’s farmers, or apparently even elected leaders from rural America, a handful of lawmakers fast-tracked a new budget proposal that would decimate crop insurance.

U.S. Farm Policy Helps Farmers Fight Bad Actors on the World Stage

The full-scale reality of what American farmers are up against when it comes to competing with foreign treasuries rather than foreign farmers was the topic of a hearing at the House Committee on Agriculture this week.

Texas Conservation Project Helps Farmers Manage Finite Water Resources

“2011 was a game changer. It altered the lives of all of us in production agriculture,” explained Rick Kellison, the project director of the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC), during a farm tour near Lubbock, Texas where the Southwest Council of Agribusiness (SWCA) convened its annual meeting last week.

Ag Outlook Underscores Importance of Capital, Strong Farm Policy

The next few years very well may be defining for the future outlook of agriculture. And the whole world has a lot riding on the outcome.

Rep. Benishek: Farms are the Backbone of our Economy & Country

Protecting our farms is good economic policy and it is critical to the health and safety of our nation. As the proud representative of the First District of Michigan, I will do everything I can to ensure that my farmers have a voice in the decisions made in Washington.

U.S. Crop Insurance Gets International Spotlight

The importance of crop insurance to meet the needs of a growing world population took center stage this week in Kansas City as agricultural leaders from more than 30 countries gathered for the International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers (AIAG) to learn more about the American system.

#ICYMI: Crop Insurance Literally Saved My Mississippi Farm

As a fourth generation Mississippi farmer, I grew up knowing that I worked in a field full of risks. When the weather cooperates, prices dive. When prices are great, foreign markets collapse, sending prices into a sudden nosedive. It’s always something. However, it wasn’t until I actually set out on my own in farming in 2011 that I fully understood just how financially exposed farmers are when they put a crop in the ground.

Foreign Ag Support Programs Put American Farmers at a Competitive Disadvantage

American wheat farmers lose close to $1 billion in revenue each year because certain countries are violating trade rules under the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements, according to a new study.

American Farm Families Expected to Lose Half their Farm Income this Year

USDA forecasts that when all is said and done, American farmers will have a combined farm income that is less than half of what it was just two years ago. This alone is staggering. But it may well mark just the beginning of a depressed farm economy the effects of which may very well adversely impact the entire sector and cascade across other sectors of our economy.

Our View: Heritage Action is Out of Step

It’s bizarre that groups claiming to carry President Reagan’s mantel, such as Heritage Action, have targeted U.S. farm policy for elimination.

Libertarian Think Tank Continues Clueless Farm Policy Critique

“Heritage Action and groups like it had better get serious because they are losing credibility fast and they are damaging the conservative cause.”

#ICYMI: Cuts to the Farm Safety Net Jeopardize a National Asset

If ever we lose the hard-working independent family farms that take care of the nation’s landscape while producing a diverse set of crops more reliably and efficiently than any farm sector in history, then, and only then will we truly understand the value they provide.

After Reforms, EU Sugar Farmers to Get $665 Million a Year in Direct Payments

Nearly a decade ago, the World Trade Organization found the European Union guilty of violating trade rules. Since that ruling, the EU has implemented radical changes to its sugar policy. But, will those changes help further free trade and lead to a subsidy-free system as some in the EU are claiming?

#ICYMI: Political Attacks Endanger Farmers’ No. 1 Risk-Management Tool

Whether you’re a peach grower in South Carolina like me or a corn farmer in Iowa or a cherry grower in Michigan or a cotton farmer in Texas, crop insurance is designed to cover you when disasters strike. And the more farmers buying policies, the better we all are in the long run because that spreads the risk.

Crop Insurance Critic Plans Biased Research Project

“The group claims it wants to measure farmers’ attitudes on crop insurance, but instead of asking unprejudiced questions, it simply requests farmers to back its inaccurate representation of crop insurance.”

Our View: Appropriators Shouldn’t Pry Open 2014 Farm Bill

Lawmakers should oppose any effort to undermine the farm safety net for any crop during the appropriations process. Congress has already held this debate, and rural Americans have made long-term business decisions based on the bill approved in 2014. To introduce uncertainty into the marketplace so soon thereafter would simply be irresponsible.

#ICYMI: Fight Foreign Subsidies, Don’t Unilaterally Disarm

Unilateral disarmament will do nothing to help U.S. consumers or a U.S. economy that depends on a thriving agricultural sector. It will only reward China and other bad actors, while leaving hardworking American farmers powerless the next time storm clouds gather.

Our View: A Timely Reminder To Stick Together

We cannot afford any animosity within our own ranks.  It is fodder for our foes. It is an excuse for policymakers to cut up what remains of the farm safety net. It is a deterrent for recruiting the next generation of leaders on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Farm Policy Makes Good Economic Sense

Despite what farm policy critics would have you believe, farm policy is anything but a handout for farmers. In fact, newly released data from the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) demonstrates that farmers are taking care of their own and in the process reducing the cost to the federal government.

Rep. Peterson: Standing Up for Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm bill’s safety net and our job now is to make sure we don’t do anything to mess it up.

#ICYMI: Crop Insurance helps farmers survive unpredictable weather

This recent headline says it all. The diversity of American agricultural production coupled with the varied growing conditions across the country and the swings in weather explains why farmers need a safety net. More importantly, it describes why crop insurance is the centerpiece of the farm safety net.

Un-Thai-ing The Global Sugar Subsidy Mess

And a new study commissioned by U.S. sugar producers sheds light on the intricate web of Thai subsidies.

Our View: Fight Foreign Subsidies, Don’t Unilaterally Disarm

Farmers face a lot of risks the rest of us don’t. And given the capital requirements of farming today, each of these risks has big financial consequences.

FPF Fact Check: WSJ Editorial Doesn’t Pass the Commonsense Test

The headline in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial read: “Paying for ethanol at the pump and on the plate.” It caught our eye for the fact that it doesn’t even pass the commonsense test. Gas prices are way down and projected to stay that way. So, too, are corn prices.

#ICYMI: No Crop Insurance Would Mean No Food

A financially healthy rural economy requires a financially healthy farm production sector. And that sector relies on a safety net when catastrophic events happen. It is a modest investment considering the return, which is a stable and affordable national food and fiber supply.

Our View: Cultivating the Next Generation of Farmers

We have a strong foundation for cultivating the next generation of farmers in the 2014 Farm Bill, but the law needs to be fully implemented for any of this to matter. Although it is on the books for five years, it is likely to be under attack during the annual appropriations process.

#ICYMI: Why America’s Cotton Producers Need Access to Affordable Crop Insurance

Crop insurance products were improved in the recent farm bill because Congress recognized that these products are a necessity for farmers regardless of size. To me, a federally-supported crop insurance policy is defensible because a portion of the product’s cost is borne by the farmer.

Farmers Take to the Opinion Pages To Explain Why They Need Crop Insurance

In the midst of the spring planting season, a couple of farmers took to the opinion pages over the weekend to explain the importance of their primary risk management tool: crop insurance.

#ICYMI: Evolution of farm policy benefits farmers, taxpayers

Some stereotypes about U.S. farm policy just won’t die. For example, the belief that farmers get paid for not growing; or that benefits just go to big agribusinesses; or that farm spending is out of control. Such criticisms make splashy headlines but are no longer relevant thanks to the significant evolution of farm policy over the past 20 years

Capitol Hill Leaders Dismiss EWG

“EWG has no credibility.” Farm Policy Facts has been saying this for years about the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and it looks like quite a few Capitol Hill leaders agree. The direct quote came from House Agriculture Committee ranking member Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), who spoke last week to The Hagstrom Report. Peterson was not alone in giving EWG a congressional smack down.

#ICYMI: Mr. Xi, and others, tear down these walls

Maintaining a modest response to the cheaters by preserving U.S. farm policy is not only the right thing to do, it is also an essential means of maintaining support for trade and the only leverage the United States has in getting our trading partners to one day tear down the walls they have been so busy building.

From the Field: Affordability & Availability of Crop Insurance is Critical For Farmers

There’s a reason the 2014 Farm Bill made crop insurance the centerpiece of U.S. farm policy. It is an effective risk management tool for not only farmers, but also taxpayers.

Our View: Despite Reforms, Farmers Face Same Old Depressing Attacks

Sometimes it seems like farm policy critics are stuck in the past, using the same old set of talking points for every congressional debate instead of taking the time to update them to reflect the real reforms that are underway.

A Growing Trend: U.S. Ag Exports Face Significant Trade Barriers

A recent study released from the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) sheds light on significant trade barriers American goods and services face in some of the largest export markets like China, Canada, the European Union (EU), and others.

#ICYMI: Crop Insurance a Key for Producers

My husband and I have been farming in Southeastern Colorado for more than 40 years, and during that time the biggest policy change through the years has been the affordability and availability of crop insurance.

#ICYMI: It’s Up to Us to Explain the Importance of Crop Insurance

We can’t assume policymakers understand the anxiety we feel when we’re days away from harvesting a good crop and it’s destroyed in a matter of minutes by something beyond our control.

Sen. Fischer: Protecting Our Resources

Farm Policy Facts is pleased to publish a guest editorial from U.S. Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska that addresses the “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule.

#ICYMI: Give Crop Insurance a Chance to Work

Keith Mussman, a farmer and president of the Kankakee County Farm Bureau, took to the editorial pages of The Daily Journal a few days ago to express what is on the minds of farmers all across the country: give crop insurance and the 2014 Farm Bill a chance to work.

Our View: America’s Farmers Have Answered the Call for Budget Cuts

In times like these, Washington should be applauding the agricultural community for the contributions it has already made, not working to make things even harder by jeopardizing the one thing farmers should be able to count on: the just-passed farm safety net.

Farmer Cooperatives: Putting a Spotlight on a True American Success Story

By Charles F. Conner Some of America’s best loved brands—Land

U.S. Reforms Farm Policy while Foreign Competitors Ramp Up Trade-Distorting Subsidies

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A Taxing Budget for Farmers

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The critics of farm policy are so desperate to be

ICYMI: Crop Insurance Takes the Spotlight in Two Diverse Regions of the Country

Last week, newspapers in two different and diverse regions of

Thanks Kansas City Star for Giving a Voice to Farmers

The merits of having a strong farm policy, including risk

Our View: American Agriculture Remains a Driving Force Behind America’s Success

“The farm – best home of the family, main source

Bah Humbug: WSJ Letters Go Unpublished

In true Ebenezer Scrooge-like fashion, opponents of farm policy used

From Loan to Subsidy in the Blink of an Eye

Months after receiving preferential government loans, farmers in India soon

Crop Insurance’s Future Depends on Private-Sector Delivery

Matthew King, a farmer from central Ohio, recently took to

The Reality of the ‘Bumper’ Crop

When it comes to economic conditions on the farm, the

Recent Guest Columns Stress Importance of Crop Insurance as Risk Management Tool

Farm Policy Facts has long stressed the importance of crop

Keeping Crop Insurance Affordable Key to ‘Doing No Harm’

The popularity of crop insurance was on full display during

Availability Key to Crop Insurance’s Success

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill marked a pivotal

Our View: An Apology Would Be Nice

When commodity prices were strong, farm incomes were up, and

Thailand’s Quest for World Domination… In Rice and Sugar

Thailand is a behemoth in the world rice market by

Two New Videos Take Aim at Global Sugar Subsidies

During its recent annual convention, the American Sugar Alliance unveiled

2012 Ag Census Up Close: Smart Farm Policies Essential To Young Farmers

The number of young farmers is trending modestly upwards, according

Our View: Let the Science Speak for Itself

Farm Policy Facts has never shied away from calling out

Farm Incomes Estimated to Drop 14%; High Input, Low Crop Prices Cited For Decline

During the Farm Bill debate, many agricultural leaders pointed out

Global Subsidies Sour Sugar Prices

Sugar prices are in the tank, production efficiency in foreign

FPF Adds Tool to Homepage to Combat Misinformation About GMOs

Our country is blessed with the most diverse and affordable

Senator Mike Johanns: Farm Bill Tools Help Manage Risk, Guard Economy

The following column by Senator Mike Johanns is the most

Remember to Thank a Farmer for Your Food Independence

As you fire up the grill this Independence Day, be

Farm Policy Facts Calls On Lawmakers to Reject Additional Harmful Amendments to Farm Bill

In addition to the list of harmful amendments FPF circulated

Members of Congress Voice Opposition to Rep. Kind’s Anti-Privacy Amendment

Moments after Farm Policy Facts sent out a note urging

Farm Policy Facts Urges Lawmakers to Reject Harmful Amendments to Farm Bill

Farm Policy Facts urges members of Congress to oppose any

America’s Farmers and Ranchers Call On Congress To Do No Harm To Farm Bill

More than 30 agriculture groups are calling on Congress to

Give Farmers and Ranchers a Break: Leave the Farm Bill Alone

America’s farmers and ranchers can certainly relate to a former

Oklahoman Guest Op-Ed: Crop Insurance Is Smart Policy

Editor’s Note: The following guest op-ed by Max Claybaker, a

FPF Addresses Inaccuracies in DTN Washington Insider Column

Editor’s Note: This column appeared in the May 23, 2014

The Heritage Foundation Continues Slide from Respected Think Tank to Propagandist

The Heritage Foundation recently published a new report detailing its

Helena Independent Record Guest Editorial: Agriculture At Historic, Pivotal Point

The following guest editorial by Bing Von Bergen, past president

CBO Update Confirms, Adds To Farm Bill Savings

On April 14, more than two months after enactment of

Mexico Sours Sugar Farmers’ Easter Holiday

Nine in 10 Americans who will be celebrating Easter this

2014 Farm Bill Means Big Changes For Agriculture

The 2014 Farm Bill represents a big transition for a

Farm Bill Not Only Preserves Crop Insurance, But Improves Upon It

When the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, Farm Policy Facts

Sour Price Decline as World Ups Subsidies

The United States was not the only nation re-examining its

Farm Bill Reduces Spending… Again

After four years of work and tireless efforts by the

Agriculture Community Supports Farm Bill Conference Report, Urges Passage

WASHINGTON—The agriculture community applauded the filing of the Farm Bill

Farm Policy: FY13 in Review

As the worst drought in three decades unfolded last year,

It’s No Secret: AP Article About So-Called ‘Dirty Ethanol’ Ignores Facts

If you’re in need of some lining for your puppy

Grand Forks Herald Op-Ed: Don’t Take Farm Bill’s Success for Granted

The following editorial appeared recently in the Grand Forks Herald: OUR OPINION:

Our View: Time to Tune Out EWG

We didn’t think it could get more egregious than the

American Agriculture Stepping Up to the Plate…Again

by Tonya Allen It’s a novel concept—folks sitting down together

Intervention South of the Border Sours Sugar Market

An unprecedented flood of sugar imports from Mexico has sent

Subsidy Arms Race Heating Up

by Rene Pastor The arms race in farm subsidies is

Rapidly Rising Rice Subsidies Show Importance of U.S. Farm Programs

By Rene Pastor   It is called the Thai rice

Our View: Time for Critics to Trade Pencils for Plows

During a meeting with reporters this week, Agriculture Secretary Tom

Milestones in Farm Policy History: 1989 GAO Report

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

U.S. Not Alone When It Comes to Crop Insurance, But Stands Out As Model of Success

by Cristina Pastor Approximately 86 percent of planted cropland in

Foreign Sugar Subsidies Take Center Stage

Global sugar industry leaders and U.S. government officials met in

EWG Exaggerations Continue

Tom Sell, regular contributor to Farm Policy Facts, recently penned

In Defense of Farm Policy

In the days before the Internet, it was difficult to

Farming is the Lifeblood of Rural America

by Cristina DC Pastor Small-town Bourg near New Orleans boasts

Chairman Lucas Urges Colleagues to Vote NO on Fortenberry Amendment

Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) is urging his colleagues

Lawmakers Urge ‘VOTE NO’ On Kind Amendment to Kill Crop Insurance

Two Dear Colleagues currently circulating highlight the importance of voting

Agri-Pulse Guest Op-Ed: Don’t Complain with Your Mouth Full

In just about every walk of life, we look for

Farm Groups Urge Farm Bill Passage; Voice Opposition to Harmful Crop Insurance Amendments

Members of the agriculture community applauded the House Committee on

Farm Policy Facts Launches ‘Real Farms, Real Families’ Ad Campaign

Farm Policy Facts, a diverse coalition of agricultural organizations dedicating to

Farmers Belong on a Tractor, Not Under the Bus

Guest opinion by Mark Gerdes, as appears in Ames Tribune One

America’s Farmers Rolling in The Dough? Now That’s Rich

by Tonya Allen As Farm Bill negotiations continue, opponents of

Analysis of NTE and SPS Reports Reveals Uneven Playing Field for U.S. Ag Exporters

A new comprehensive analysis of the recently released National Trade

Durbin Amendment Would Increase Farmer Premiums by 45%

On the issue of means testing in crop insurance, the

Foreign Food Dependence: A History Lesson

by Rene Pastor It’s hard to imagine food rationing was

Total Farm Safety Net Spending Drops By Two-Thirds as More Farmers Purchase Crop Insurance

Total government spending on farm safety net programs – including

As U.S. Farm Bill Negotiations Begin, Brazil Doubling Down On Ag Subsidies

by Tonya Allen As the United States Congress begins negotiating

Brazil and the Anti-Farm Lobby – Strange Bedfellows

by Tonya Allen The old saying is that politics makes

Setting the Record Straight on Crop Insurance

By Thomas P. Zacharias Admittedly, opponents of farm policy attract

Food Scarcity: The Cost of Failure

This is the first in a series of articles that

Brazil’s sugar industry propped up by government largesse

by Rene Pastor To many people, Brazil’s image in the

Farmers Embracing Their Role In Protecting The Environment

by Cristina DC Pastor USA Rice Federation (USA Rice) and

Crop Insurance Industry Releases ‘Crop Insurance: Just the Facts’

As crop insurers prepare for the Farm Bill and funding

Farm Policy Facts Releases Top 10 Ag Videos

When putting together a Top 10 List of agriculture-themed videos

Farm Policy Facts Releases Farm Bill 101

Farm Policy Facts has released Farm Bill 101, a current

Top Economist Predicts A Tighter Farm Safety Net That Cements Crop Insurance

Former USDA Chief Economist Keith Collins, Ph.D.,  predicts a smaller

Uncertainty hangs over 2013 U.S. spring planting weather

by Rene Pastor It was the one thing that was

Organizations Come Together To Call On Congress To Keep Crop Insurance Strong

As lawmakers debate the next Farm Bill, more than 40

Farm Policy Facts Releases List of Top 10 Editorials

Farm Policy Facts has released its Top 10 list of

New Video: Criticisms Against Farmers Who Purchase Crop Insurance Naïve, Untrue

(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) — Critics who said that farmers who

The Hill: Farmers rely on crop insurance when nature turns on them

Published in The Hill Congress Blog There is a huge

Agriculture Feeds the World

By Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam Published in the

Subsidy Programs of Other Nations Under Scrutiny

By Tonya Allen The U.S. Interagency Trade Enforcement Center (ITEC)

On Eve of Mardi Gras, a Look Back At Katrina, Rita’s Battering of Farming in Gulf States

By Cristine Pastor When the Mardi Gras celebration returned to

The Tale of Two Disasters

Mother Nature pulled few punches in 2012. By the end

Agriculture Groups Unite to Relaunch Farm Policy Facts Education Campaign

WASHINGTON (February 4) – A diverse coalition of agricultural organizations

Ethanol and Food Security – Getting Past The Anti-Ethanol Rants

Last week the National Journal headlined, “BIG OIL TAKES GLOVES

Groups Struggle with Truth in Effort to Kill Farm Bill

Libertarian and environmental groups are urging the House of Representatives

Does the U.S. economy need a rain dance?

“The weather forecast could have a big effect on America’s

Something to Celebrate

With less than a month left in the 2012 presidential

Not a Fair Fight

While the nation’s farmers have been busy fighting the effects

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or Just Plain Nuts?

Editor’s note: The following is a guest column written by

Optimism Dries Up, Along With U.S. Farmland

Our nation’s farmers are less optimistic about their circumstances than

The Food and Beverage Boom

The U.S. food and beverage industry should be proud. This

Crop Insurance: A Life-Saver for Kansas Wheat Farmers

By Rene Pastor On land where wheat stalks, heavy with

Farm Groups Stand United, Eager to Work

They want a Farm Bill, and they want it now.

Food Has Little To Do With Rising Food Prices

Two years ago, The Hand That Feeds U.S. reported on

The Hand That Feeds U.S. Presents Interactive U.S. Ag Map

The Hand That Feeds U.S. (THTFUS) has launched a new,

In Defense of Crop Insurance

As one of history’s longest, most widespread droughts continues to

House Ag Committee Seeks Floor Time for Farm Bill, Amid Growing Drought

As the members of the Ag Committee await the fate

Farms of All Sizes Needed for Crop Insurance to Work Properly

According to the American Academy of Actuaries, “for a risk

Here They Go Again

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released its latest rendition

Despite Attacks on U.S. Farm Policy, Public Stands by America’s Farmers

Although extreme environmental groups and other high-powered special interests have

New Videos Offer Insight Into 2011 Farm Disasters

With payments from crop insurers to farmers approaching the $11 billion

Farm Fresh Less Expensive Than Junk Food, Study Finds

For those who have espoused the view that farm policies

Subsidy Spotlight: Thailand

The 2012 Farm Bill will include major funding cuts for

Farm Groups Make House Call To Defend Farm Policy

The House Agriculture Committee spent much of last week discussing

In a League of its Own

New York City is the fashion and financial capital of

Crop Insurance 101

Earlier this week, National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) released the

Coalition for Sugar Inaccuracies

Capitol Hill has been blanketed by propaganda in recent weeks

NCC: Farmers Need Risk Management Opportunities

DODGE CITY, KS (April 20) – Texas cotton producer Woody

What Are They Afraid Of?

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting out the facts on

Issue Summary: Crop Insurance

U.S. agriculture is a driving force in our national economy,

Farm Groups Defend Strong Farm Policy

The Senate Agriculture Committee met last week to discuss the

Lawmakers Take to The Hill to Discuss Importance of Farming

As Congress gears up to write another Farm Bill, some

Subsidy Spotlight: India

The United States recently filed a case against India in

New Study: Farm Policies Do Not Contribute to Obesity in U.S.

A new study by Health Economics throws a bucket of

Commodity Classic Orgs Outline 2012 Farm Bill Priorities

From Commodity Classic (Nashville, Tenn.) – The following statement on

What It Will Take To Pass a Farm Bill

By Larry Combest Growing up and working on my own

Bloomberg Gets Beat Up for Faulty Editorial

Bloomberg News ran an editorial titled “Farmers Making $100 Billion

A Growing Demand Draws Attention to Chinese Agriculture

Together, America’s farmers make up an economic powerhouse. They are

Unpopular Big Government Power Grab

You have to hand it to the National Association of

Crop Insurance’s Growing Value

As a former chief economist for the U.S. Department of

Bloomberg’s ‘Big Idea’ a Bust

Given Bloomberg News’ expertise in financial markets and the U.S.

Ag Community Statement on Farm Bill

Agricultural leaders representing most major crops convened January 31 and

February Follies — the Budget and Agriculture

Agriculture is a unique industry in so many ways. One

2011 Indemnity Payments Already Surpass Historic Record, Still Climbing

With claims still streaming in — only an estimated 81

The Tale of Two Intertwined Industries

Western Sugar, a company now owned by farmers, closed its

Latest Ethanol Attack Full of Gas

Opponents of U.S. ethanol—Brazil, Big Oil, and multinational food conglomerates

Subsidy Spotlight: Brazil

As the United States Congress begins debate of the 2012

Rising Farm Incomes Dampened by Rising Expenses

Agriculture has had a strong year. We’ve been reading reports

Brazil, India, Other Developing Nations Violate Ag Subsidy Limits

A new study of official foreign government data unearthed by

Agriculture Leads By Example in Debt Debate

The nation’s capital has become synonymous with gridlock—and not just

Post Letters Go Unpublished

Following its anti-farm editorial last week, The Washington Post received

Local View: Speed of Crop Insurance is Crucial

Sitting on a combine for 12 hours a day harvesting

Halloween Candy Sales Soar; Sugar Policy Remains No-Cost to Taxpayers

Shoppers won’t be scared off by a rocky economic outlook

Big-City Newspapers Contradict Each Other

Short of a farm bill vote, or a piece of

Government’s Role in Farm Policy Dates Back to the Beginning

Critics of farm policy often like to label it a

Farm Groups Ask Senate To Oppose Anti-Agriculture Appropriations Amendments

October 19, 2011 Dear Senator: We urge you to oppose

The Challenge of our Generation

October 31, 2011 marks a milestone that might be far

A Stately Contribution

It’s no secret that agriculture is vital to the American

Spotlight on North Dakota

This state’s motto is “Strength from the Soil.” It appears

The Administration’s Unfortunate Plan

The Administration is pushing a new plan that would injure

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

With the floodwaters rising and the nation’s attention focused on

Spotlight on Georgia

Tourists may go to Georgia to pick the peaches, but

President’s Proposed Farm Cuts Get Chilly Capitol Hill Reception

The House Agriculture Committee Chairman and Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking

Look At The Whole Picture Before Swinging the Budget Axe

By all accounts, 2011 looked like a banner year for

Spotlight on Oklahoma

As the 46th state to join the Union, Oklahoma may

What’s Next? Locusts?

As Congress recessed in August, overworked staffers breathed a sigh

Living on a Prayer

Agriculture is collectively holding its breath as the “super committee”

Spotlight on Michigan

While Michigan may be known for its lakes and its

Everyone Wins With a Strong Crop Insurance Policy

It’s no great surprise when a well-funded libertarian think tank

The Lone Star State is Unfortunately Exceptional

Texas is an exceptional state, and most Texans will be

12 Angry Men

In the film classic, “12 Angry Men”, jurors deliberate the

Issue Brief: Crop Insurance

Issue Summary: Having a strong agricultural sector that provides an

Issue Brief: Ethanol

Issue Summary: Ethanol is the only commercially viable biofuel alternative

Farms, Banks Buoy One Another in Tough Economy

Farm Bill to Determine Future Success Stories about the post

Issue Brief: Sugar

Sugar is an important ingredient in the U.S. food supply

Issue Brief: Farm Budget

Issue Summary: The National Journal recently reported about the ongoing

Agriculture Matters: The New Role of Farm Policy

I believe there to be a set of basic guiding

Miss America, Farm Bill Author, Federal Reserve Offer Pearls of Wisdom

When I first got word that Miss America 2011, Teresa

Spotlight on Maryland

Though not often thought of as a Mecca for farmers—as

Key Legislators Take On 6th Circuit Court Over Costly Regulations

By an overwhelming bi-partisan majority, the Senate Agriculture Committee passed

Spotlight on Iowa

Located in the middle of the heartland, Iowa has developed

Strong Farm Policy = Lender Confidence, Economic Recovery

When Congress takes up the next farm bill, there will

Broad Spectrum Of Agriculture Draws A Line in the Sand Against Unfair Cuts to Farm Policy

More than 130 organizations spanning the breadth of the agricultural

Greg Schwarz: We all rely on the farm safety net

The weather has been so wild and so unpredictable this

Roger Johnson: Balancing Budget on Backs of Farmers Brings More Pain

Amid the long list of federal projects costing taxpayers far

Institute Of Medicine Debunks Myth Linking Farm Policies to Obesity

The absurdity arguably began one chilly Monday night in December

Spotlight on Nebraska

Nebraska is well-known for its high rate of agricultural production.

Wind, Rain, and Fire

In the May 17 issue of the National Journal Daily

Spotlight on Minnesota

It may be the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but in

American Farmland: The Next Bubble Story?

As the nation struggles to regain its economic footing after

Agri-Pulse – Trifecta for Truth

John Henry Newman wrote that, “The truer doctrines are, the

No Better Investment Than Farm Safety Net

We have been taught from an early age that humans

Ethanol: Fueling America, Feeding the World

Growth Energy, a leading ethanol association, sent a letter on

Reality Shrugged?

WASHINGTON (April 4, 2011)— In his December 1957 National Review

Ethanol not to blame for price hikes

Throughout the past three years, there has been a deliberate

What’s in a dollar?

It’s always the same. Food prices rise, grocery bills get

The Week that Kicked Things Off for the 2012 Farm Bill Debate

On Feb. 17, at least one senior House member suggested

Farmers, Congress Set Sights on Overreaching EPA

The men and women of American agriculture are as diverse

Getting Blamed for Record Exports

Earlier this month, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that U.S.

Stabenow Stands Up for Ag at USDA Outlook Forum

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chairwoman, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition

The Fed’s Promising and Troubling News

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City might have well

New York Times Gets an Earful

Those of us in the farming community have long complained

DC’s Rolling Field of Wheat

Last week, tourists and congressional staffers walking down Independence Avenue

Better Late Than Never

WASHINGTON (June 18, 2010)—Sometimes, it’s better to get something right

Agricultural Community Offers Advice on TPP Trade Deal

WASHINGTON (May 19, 2010)—The agricultural community gave valuable advice to

Foreign Competitors Seek Advantage Over U.S. Growers

WASHINGTON (April 15, 2010)—Even though federal spending on farm policy

Farm Groups Ask USDA to Stop Crop Insurance Cuts

WASHINGTON (April 13, 2010)—In a letter to Secretary of Agriculture

Lawmakers, Farm groups to White House: Leave Ag Budgets Alone

WASHINGTON, DC (March 17, 2010)—Key U.S. senators sent a letter

NFU Opposes Budget Cuts to Farm Policy

WASHINGTON (March 16, 2010)—One of the nation’s biggest agricultural trade

Special Interests Still Kinda Flakey

WASHINGTON (March 12, 2010)—Special interests with no real hands-on experience

Cotton Producers Take Exception to One-Sided CQ Weekly Story

by: National Cotton Council The CQ Weekly cover story on

Too Small to Succeed

WASHINGTON (Feb. 5, 2010)—Just moments after President Obama released his

Farm Bill Statement from the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair

Opening Statement of the Honorable Blanche L. Lincoln, Chairman Hearing

Cotton Farmers Take on Washington Post Attacks

In their crusade against the cotton industry, Post editors are

Lincoln, Chambliss Commend Kirk Position at WTO Ministerial Meeting

WASHINGTON (Jan. 14, 2010)—U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee

Wakeup Call From Chairman Lincoln

By: Larry Combest Since the G-8 Leaders and five of

Right Hand and Left Hand

By DeVonna Zeug It’s an odd thing—on one hand Uncle

Federal Spending is Down on the Farm

WASHINGTON (Dec. 7, 2009)—In an era of bulging deficits, there

Administration, Senators Question Direction of Doha Talks

WASHINGTON (November 24, 2009)—Two top-level trade officials in the Obama

Letter to Country Music Singer Jason Aldean

October 15, 2009 Jason Aldean Spalding Entertainment 1025 16th Avenue

Cotton Council Responds to WTO Ruling

MEMPHIS (Aug. 31, 2009)—In response to the WTO Arbitration Panel

Key Senators Urge USDA to Protect Crop Insurance Program

WASHINGTON (Aug. 24, 2009)—Ten U.S. Senators sent a bipartisan letter

Fatal Attraction: A WTO Update

By: Larry Combest WASHINGTON (July 30, 2009)—This spring, world politicians

Farmers Wait and Wait and Wait Some More for Farm Law Direction

WASHINGTON (June 30, 2009)—Ideally, implementing rules provide a clear-cut “yes”

A Hard Time With Consistency

Beheading awaited a French Queen in the 1700s when she

Farmers to Appropriators: Don’t Touch Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (Jun 08, 2009)—Members of the agricultural community have a

TIME Flies: Part 4

Three decades ago, TIME magazine took an in-depth look at

TIME Flies: Part 3

In addition to bad hairdos, Woodstock, and butterfly collars, the

TIME Flies: Part 2

opponents tell it, you’d think most farmers are raking in

Grower Spotlight: Beth Clanton (Seminole, Texas)

Giving Thanks to an Extraordinary Example for Us All I

TIME Flies: Part 1

Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to get a mainstream news organization

Farmers Take Boston Globe to Task

The Boston Globe’s May 26 editorial against farmers and farm

Grower Spotlight: Terry Wanzek (Jamestown, ND)

An elected official, Terry Wanzek is well known and well

Farm Budget Cuts Could Create Chaos at Grocery Checkouts

WASHINGTON (Apr 02, 2009)—A national poll conducted by Harris Interactive

Grower Spotlight: Chuck Coley (Vienna, Georgia)

Often times you’re told to play the hand you’re dealt,

Cutting Holes in the Farm Safety Net Doesn’t Add Up

WASHINGTON (Mar 26, 2009)—The government is on a spending spree,

Hands Off the Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (March 23, 2009)—Prompted by President Obama’s proposed budget—which would

President’s Budget Undermines Confidence in Farm Policy

By: National Cotton Council MEMPHIS (February 26, 2009)— The National

Gross Sale Out

WASHINGTON (Feb 27, 2009)—While big businesses ranging from insurance giants

ForGot Milk?

WASHINGTON (Feb 23, 2009)—Open any major newspaper in the country

New Pay Limit Rules Creating Confusion, Chaos

WASHINGTON (Feb 18, 2009)—Although farm families across the country were

The Not-So ‘Farm’ Farm Bill

The name “farm bill” can be pretty misleading. Most who

America, Shake ‘The Hand That Feeds U.S.’

By: Doug Albin When most people think about challenges farmers

Strange Heritage

WASHINGTON (Jan 13, 2009)—The Riverwalk was hopping as farmers from

Plowing New Ground or Back to the Future?

By: Reece Langley VP, Government Affairs, USA Rice Federation Imagine

Farmers to USDA: Implement Farm Bill Now

WASHINGTON (Dec 10, 2008)—Major farm organizations sent Agriculture Secretary Ed

Senate Ag Leaders Weigh In On Doha

Committee Letter to President Bush Twenty-two United States Senators from

You Want How Much for That Bagel?

WASHINGTON (Dec 9, 2008)—The Washington Post ran a front-page piece

Finance, Ways and Means Leaders Urge President to Stand Firm on Doha Round

Press release from the Senate Finance Committee Finance Committee Chairman

Mainstream Media and Journalism 101

WASHINGTON (Dec 1, 2008)—Visit most any university-level journalism class across

Former Ag Chairman Warns of Doha Disaster

WASHINGTON (Nov 20, 2008)—Larry Combest, the former Chairman of the

Sticking it to Consumers and Farmers

WASHINGTON (Nov 7, 2008)—If you’re miffed about grocery prices still

Farm Bill Breakdown: TITLE VI – Rural Development

WASHINGTON (Nov 3, 2008)—Since 1973, farm bills have included a

Doha Discussion Paper: Special Products Exemption Sharply Reduces Market Access

By: National Cotton Council There are many remaining areas of

While Wall Street Crumbles

WASHINGTON (Oct 23, 2008)—While Wall Street crumbled, poison seeped through

Give Me a Break

About once a year “20/20” reporter John Stossel produces a

Caught in the Middle

WASHINGTON (Oct 2, 2008)—In terms of farm policy, producers are

The Rebirth of Rural America

WASHINGTON (Sep 24, 2008)—Want to take a cooking class from

AIG Probably Has a Big AGI

WASHINGTON (Sep 19, 2008)—During the farm bill debate, critics of

Farm Bill Breakdown: Energy Title

WASHINGTON (Sep 12, 2008)—The “farm bill” might sound like a

It’s the Rural Economy, Stupid

WASHINGTON (Aug 22, 2008)—Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada,

Sarkozy’s Formidable Farm Team

WASHINGTON (July 25, 2008)—Following the announcement of a trade concession

Ag Committee Sends Strong Doha Signal

Talks in the Doha Round of the World Trade Organization

US and EU Farmers Agree: WTO Falling Short

WASHINGTON (July 14, 2008)—Farmers on both sides of the pond

Federal Cotton Program Works, Expenditures Declining

MEMPHIS – Criticisms of U.S. cotton farm programs are unwarranted.

Déjà Vu All Over Again

WASHINGTON (June 27, 2008)—If it seems like Congress was voting

USDA Takes First Steps to Implement Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (June 23, 2008)—Despite expressing some concerns with the farm

Congress Backed Farm Bill to the End

The farm bill has endured some rough obstacles in its

Farm Bill’s Commodity Title Becomes Law

WASHINGTON (May 23, 2008)—Despite a technical error and widespread confusion,

Farm Bill as Economic Stimulus

By: Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Financing the Farm Bill

By: Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Well-Rounded Farm Bill

By: Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

“Solid Reforms” in Farm Bill

By: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Specialty Crops and Nutrition

By: Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

The Energy Title in Farm Bill

By: Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Livestock Title

By: Rep. Leonard Boswell (D – Iowa) Excerpt from Congressional

False Claims by Farm Bill Critics

By: Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Rural Development

By: Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Need for President Bush to Support the Farm Bill

By: Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

1,054 Diverse Groups Urge Veto Override

WASHINGTON (May 15, 2008)—More than 1,000 farm, nutrition, and conservation

Congress Passes Farm Bill By Margin That Would Override Veto

WASHINGTON (May 15, 2008) — After weeks of veto threats

Volatile Nature of Agriculture

By: Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R-Mo.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Don’t Mess With Texas Farmers

WASHINGTON (May 14, 2008) — A coalition of Texas-based businesses

La. Ag Urges Vote for Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (May 14, 2008) — In a letter sent to

557 Diverse Groups Back Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (May 13, 2008)—More than 500 farm, nutrition, and conservation

Letter from USA Rice Foundation

Dear Representative: On behalf of the USA Rice Federation and

Farm Bill Reform

By: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) Excerpt from Congressional Record May

Republicans Hold Fast on Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (May 9, 2008)—Just moments after details of the farm

Who’s Gobbling Up Food Profits?

WASHINGTON (May 7, 2008)—The furor over grocery store sticker shock

Volatile Crop Prices Causing ‘Heartburn’ for Farmers

WASHINGTON (Apr. 30, 2008)—With the farm community’s attention focused squarely

Myth Busters Part 5 – Administration Projects in the Farm Bill

In the fifth installment of our ongoing series about the

Myth Busters Part 4 – Baseless Administration Claims

In the fourth installment of our ongoing series about the

Myth Busters Part 3 – Big Farms vs. Small Farms

In the third installment of our ongoing series about the

Myth Busters Part 2 – Federal Spending and the Farm Bill

In the second installment of our ongoing series about the

Myth Busters Part 1 – Commodity Prices and the Farm Bill

President John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.”  Opponents

Administration Must Compromise on Farm Bill

By: Senator Norm Coleman After months of negotiations, congressional negotiators

Inflated Costs Deflate Profit

WASHINGTON (Apr. 9, 2008)—“It has become painfully obvious that, even

Add a Pinch of Sugar, Rice, and Wheat to Your Tank

WASHINGTON (Apr. 1, 2008)—In April 2002—as Congress was struggling to

Stop Playing Politics with America’s Food Supply

By: Congressman Charlie Melancon My colleague, Congressman Charles Boustany (R),

Letter From a Concerned Citizen and Farmer

Below is a letter from a concerned citizen and farmer

Farmers Hopping Mad over Farm Bill Delay this Easter

Easter candy is big business. Americans are projected to spend

Farmers Don’t Get Much Bread for that Loaf

WASHINGTON (Mar. 21, 2008)—Though U.S. shoppers still pay far less

Connecting Rural America

WASHINGTON (Mar. 17, 2008)—Any farmer can tell you that thriving

Enough is Enough: Congress Needs to Pass Long Overdue Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (Mar. 13, 2008)—Growing frustrated and worried about the endless

Not Just a Farm Bill, a Food Bill

WASHINGTON (Mar. 11, 2008)—Members of the Texas Congressional delegation could

Farm Groups Warn Against Eroding Commodity Safety Net

WASHINGTON (Feb. 14, 2008)—Forty-two farm groups today sent a letter

Farm Bill ‘Shortchanged’ by ‘Short-Sighted’ Admin. Proposals

WASHINGTON (Feb. 11, 2008)—More than 20 farm organization told lawmakers

Competing Silos

WASHINGTON (Feb. 7, 2008)—Although it has been nearly two months

Extending the Pain

ORLANDO, FL. (Feb. 5, 2008)—As bleak as the budget situation

Community Spotlight: Pendleton, Oregon

Wheat farmers fed up with hunger are showing that community

Farmers to Congress: Farm Bill is Economic Stimulus

Washington (Jan. 29, 2008)—Farmers and ranchers from across the country

Farm Bill Takes Center Stage at Farm Bureau Conference

NEW ORLEANS (Jan. 17, 2008)—The message coming out of the

Senate Farm Bill Includes Reforms, Wins Accolades

Washington (Jan. 16, 2008)—Most priorities championed during the writing of

Will History Repeat Itself?

Soaring commodity prices…farm incomes on the rise…increasing land values…banks happy

Stability and Stimulus in Rural America

By: John Thaemert, President, National Association of Wheat Growers It’s

Hypocritical Critics Flip Flop on Crop Prices

U.S. farm programs were recently being attacked by big-city editorial

Farmers Focus on Fast Farm Bill Conference

Washington (Dec. 19, 2007)—Organizations representing most farmers in America sent

Congress Should Take Notice as Nation’s Farmers Return from La.

In early January, thousands of farmers and ranchers from Hawaii,

Logjam Breaks, Senate Passes Farm Bill

Washington (Dec. 14, 2007)—Farmers and ranchers today applauded as the

Farmers to Senate: Bury Brown Amendment

Washington (Dec. 12, 2007)—Groups representing farmers from coast to coast

Lugar-Lautenberg Loses Steam

WASHINGTON (Dec. 12, 2007)—Farmers and ranchers applauded as the Senate

Combest to Senators: ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’

WASHINGTON (Dec. 11, 2007)—Former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest

Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) Breaks Down Farm Payment Receipts

Excerpt from a Dec. 11 Statement on the Senate Floor

Big-City Newspaper Backs Farm Bill

We were wrong: Not all big-city newspapers oppose the farm

Importance of a Full Five Year Farm Bill Now

Excerpt from Dec. 3 Speech by Larry Combest to USA

Ag Groups Ask for New Farm Bill, Not Extension

Washington (Nov. 28, 2007)—Nineteen agricultural groups wrote to the Democratic

Louisiana Farmers Oppose Farm Bill Extension

Washington (Nov. 28, 2007)—Groups representing most Louisiana farmers today wrote

Commodity Organizations Oppose Gutting the Safety Net

Washington (Nov. 20, 2007)—Twenty-six organizations representing farmers and ranchers from

Pay Limit Amendment Opposition Builds

WASHINGTON (Nov. 16, 2007)—As word spreads in rural America about

Policy Analysis: Support the Senate Ag Committee Pay Limits Reform

WASHINGTON (Nov. 16, 2007)—Oppose the Grassley-Dorgan Amendment Senate Agriculture Committee

Farm Groups Urge Senate Completion of Farm Bill

Washington (Nov. 13, 2007)—In a letter sent today to Senate

Lugar-Lautenberg: Kind-Flake Reborn

Washington (Nov. 8, 2007)—As the U.S. Senate begins consideration of

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) Defends Cotton Farmers from Editorial

Excerpt from a Nov. 8 Statement on the Senate Floor

From the Senate Floor: Excerpt from a Nov. 8 Statement

By: Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) [D]espite the fact that our

Brown Amendment Would Wreck Crop Insurance

WASHINGTON (Nov. 6, 2007)—Last week, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) announced

Farm Bill Should Not Be Weakened with Amendments

WASHINGTON (Nov. 6, 2007)—The farm bill unanimously passed by the

Ag Groups Oppose Pay Limits Amendment

Washington (Nov. 5, 2007)—Major agricultural groups from across the country

Grower Spotlight: Tommy Hoskyn (Stuttgart, Arkansas)

Any businessperson worth their salt has, at minimum, a 5-year

Grower Spotlight: Gene (Pucky) Sandager (Hills, Minnesota)

“When you feed the world, you are as important as

Farm Families Praise Roberts Amendment

Roberts Amendment Allows Farmers to Elect Revenue Option Without Sacrificing

Grower Spotlight: Patrick Johnson (Tunica, Mississippi)

Being a fresh college graduate is one of the scariest

Key Ag Groups “Urge Prompt Action” on 2007 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (Oct. 19, 2007)—A letter from 15 organizations sent to

Finally, an Editorial for Farmers

If they spent some time in rural America, witnessing the

Community Spotlight: Walnut Grove, Minnesota

“Little House on the Prairie” Opposes Grassley-Dorgan Pay Limits Amendment

Grower Spotlight: David Kragnes (Felton, Minnesota)

David Kragnes sits on the Board of Directors for a

Grower Spotlight: Justin Cariker (Tunica, Mississippi)

He is a cotton farmer, soybean farmer, wheat farmer and

Grower Spotlight: John Thaemert (Ellsworth, Kansas)

When John Thaemert isn’t sporting a suit and sitting behind

Conservation, Hunger, Religious, Farm Groups Call for Swift Senate Action

WASHINGTON (Sept. 28, 2007)—With just two days remaining before the

T-Minus 11 Days

This much we know for certain: A new farm bill

Wake Up and Defend Agriculture

By: Congressman Marion Berry Most Americans start their days the

Ag Groups United in Encouraging “Swift Action in the Senate”

WASHINGTON (Sept. 11, 2007)—More than 20 organizations representing farmers and

Thank You

By: U.S. Senator Max Baucus Standing Up For American Agriculture

Community Spotlight: Abbeville, Louisiana

Sept. 24 marks the two-year anniversary of the “big flood”

Farmers Deserve Our Thanks, Not Our Criticism

By: U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln “Our farmers deserve praise, not

2 Years Later, Katrina Offers Food Safety Lesson

WASHINGTON (August 29, 2007)—SpongeBob Square Pants, Curious George and Thomas

Recess Report: Bipartisan Praise for House Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (August 17, 2007)—Much to the delight of farmers and

Farm Organizations United as Farm Bill Goes to the U.S. Senate

CALIFORNIA (August 8, 2007)—At the American Sugar Alliance’s 24th International

Grower Spotlight: Gene Fynboh (Brandon, Minnesota)

Nowadays, everybody seems to be hopping on the ethanol bandwagon.

Community Spotlight: Stuttgart, Arkansas

If you’ve eaten rice one night this week for dinner,

Commodity Groups Express Gratitude

WASHINGTON (July 31, 2007)—In a victorious moment for America’s farmers,

Kind-Flake Falls Flat

WASHINGTON (July 27, 2007)—After an intense buildup to what most

Small Business Committee Chair Backs Farm Bill

WASHINGTON (July 25, 2007)—In a Dear Colleague letter to Members

Farmers and Ranchers Unite Against Kind-Flake

WASHINGTON (July 24, 2007)—Farmers from across the United States are

Kind-Flake Would Leave Farms in Financial Ruin

WASHINGTON (July 23, 2007)—The farm bill plan introduced by two

Senate Panel Makes Reforms to Farm Bill

By now, the opponents of farm policy sound like broken

Beyond Our Borders: A Strong U.S. Farm Bill Has Global Implications

All too often we hear from self-anointed advocates who claim

House Bill Brings Real Reform

The last vote had barely been cast on the House

Call to Arms

WASHINGTON (July 18, 2007)—U.S. agriculture is under siege and the

EWG Recklessly Ignoring the Facts

By Farmer X WASHINGTON (July 17, 2007)—According to the Environmental

A Safety Net for All Americans

By: Jeff Nunley Recently, one of my neighbors in town

Cashing In on Harvesting Cash?

WASHINGTON (July 11, 2007)—The German Marshall Fund put out a

Grower Spotlight: Charles Guidry (Erath, Louisiana)

The Vietnam veteran from Erath, Louisiana, and his father were

Grower Spotlight: Barry Evans (Kress, Texas)

Many Americans wrongly think that farmers are uneducated and not

Community Spotlight: South Louisiana Sugar

For more than 200 years, sugar production has been a

Grower Spotlight: Theresia Gillie (Hallock, Minnesota)

Theresia Gillie is sick of the stereotypes of women on

Scottie Pippen Bullish on Conservation Payments

WASHINGTON (June 19, 2007)—An investigation by into the new

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Subsidy Propaganda Stripped!

By: USA Rice Federation Every day we see a steady

Brazilian Government Suppressed Prices While Arguing Against U.S. Cotton Program

ST. LOUIS, MO – While Brazilian officials were in Geneva

The Truth About Foreign Ag Subsidies

WASHINGTON (June 7, 2007)—Every member of the U.S. Senate today

America’s Economic Engine

By: Bryan Hest, Steve Williams, Jerry Demmer Farming does a

A Recipe for Disaster

By: Norm Knochel I recently saw a clever bumper sticker

New Study: Americans Prefer Home Cooking

A recent New York Times article, “Catfish With a Side